Hope Springs Eternal

Even though I really do enjoy winters in west Michigan, there is always something exciting about the anticipation of Spring.  It’s the arrival of blue skies, green grass and daffodils.  Being able to open windows to enjoy fresh air and hearing kids in the neighborhood on their bikes are reminders that we have come full circle into another new cycle of our seasons.  And with that change, it gives each of us an opportunity to change as well.  Looking back to be grateful of our past is important, but looking ahead to anticipate the future allows us to seize the opportunities of today.  For those of us who enjoy good health, be grateful.  For those of us who have close friends or close families, nurture those relationships.  And for those of us who have employment, work hard to be a valuable and successful member of your team.  When you come face-to-face with a challenge, become a part of the solution not a part of the problem.

Perennials will push through the ground each year without help from you.  Annuals are added to your landscape because you have taken time each season to plant them.  Your set of values, your morals and your convictions become your “perennials”.  They lay that foundation and reveal who you are.  When you plant seeds of kindness, goodwill and generosity, you will discover that those efforts will produce new friendships, new opportunities and new challenges.

Carpe Diem…seize the day!  The only way you’ll be able to enjoy the future to the fullest, is when you work the hardest to seize the opportunities of today.  So, the burst of spring should not only be the announcement of a new season, but also a commitment from each of us for renewal, for growth and for determination to make where we live, happier and where we work, stronger.

Is your house the “shiniest penny”?

Many people will put their homes on the market in spring time.  Always remember that you have just one chance at a first impression.  Will it be good or will it be bad?  Don’t make your listing public until you’re ready to do so.  Your house should be the shiniest penny in the bank.  If someone is looking at six homes and yours is one of them, it needs to stand above the competition.  And, if it does, you will be one the one’s who get the deal.

Remember this…you’re not selling your things, you’re selling your space.  And if people cannot see your space because of your things, you won’t get credit for your space.  Decorating your home for your lifestyle and staging a house for sale are two totally different things.  Being involved in sales and marketing for a major furniture manufacturer in Grand Rapids, gave me the opportunity to be a” fly on the wall” with some of America’s leading designers.  The concept of…less is more, opened up a new window in my mind.  That principle has been a tremendous tool for me to use with my clients.  Simple ideas can make profound differences.

Providing a staging service has become an intregal part of the services I provide for my clients.  Editing and re-arranging are important ingredients for your preparation.  If you’re planning to move, you’re going to have to move all of your personal items and furnishings at some point.  Think about packing and moving a lot of those things prior to listing your house so that they can be gone before those potential buyers come through.  A fresh neutral color palette, squeaky clean windows, shampooed carpet and polished hardwoods will all help add money to your bottom line.  And your goal should be to get the most amount of money in the least amount of time with the least amount of inconvenience to your lives!

Finding a real estate professional who can do more than simply put a sign in your yard and wait for the phone to ring will set you apart from your competition.


It’s suppose to be 55 degrees this week…a preview of things to come.  Don’t be fooled, we still have plenty of snow coming our way before the tulips pop their heads out of the ground.  But this time of year gives me a burst of energy just knowing what’s ahead.  Living in southern California for a number of years, I wasn’t able to see the weather cycles of the midwest.  Those cycles are great reminders of change…changes not just in our temperatures, but also changes in our lives.  Changes in our children, changes in our businesses and changes in ourselves.  Change is inevitably.  Most of us find stability in routines.  But routines can very easily turn into ruts.  Being aware of changes in our culture and in our environment prepare us to embrace new challenges and new opportunities.  As a baby boomer, I have learned from the “gen xer’s” to either get on board or be left in the dust.  I’m too young to be a relic…too much energy to be a by-stander…too many dreams left to fulfill.  So, once again, I’m changing directions.  I give credit to my kids, who are still in the “Spring” of their lives.  As I have tried to guide and teach them, I have, however, discovered the value of being a “student” of my children as well.  Oh my, they’ve taught me a lot.  Even though they butcher the English language with their texting acronyms, I am confident that when it’s their “season”, they will be prepared to take on the challenges that face us. 

Making contributions in our homes, our communities, our churches and in our work places will inevitably provide many new opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.  It’s the time of year to get out of hibernation and…live!

3464 Monterey Hills Dr. • $35,000

3/4 acre lot in the Forest Hills Eastern School District that is a very convenient location to schools, shopping, entertainment, dining and expressways. It is a smaller and newer neighborhood community that includes younger, active families.

Property Details:

Status: $35,000
Listing Price: 3464 Monterey Hills Dr.
Address: Grand Rapids Twp
City: Michigan
State: 49525
ZIP: Forest Hills
School District: $39,000
MLS #: 11008235
Other 3/4 Acre Lot

What motivates me and why?

What motivates me?…a job well done.  I never settle for mediocrity.  There’s no room for it in my day…or in my life.  Doing my best affects my work and my family.  My daughters are in the last phase of high school…Forest Hills in Grand Rapids.  The school district has the highest test scores in the State of Michigan.  They don’t settle for “average”.  Smaller size classes and moderately-sized total enrollment allows kids to excel in a variety of areas, if they desire.  With the growth of Forest Hills District, we have seen Forest Hills Fine Arts Center affect the social and creative outlets for the citizens of Grand Rapids.The Cascade Library recently installed a windmill and solar panels to educate Forest Hills students the value of alternative energy and  going “green”.  Goodwillie Environmental School and the Spanish and Chinese Emersion Schools prepare Forest Hills students to succeed in today’s world.  Forest Hills Schools were far ahead of  the “No Child Left Behind” initiative.  Walking and bike paths, new and existing parks  the Thornapple River and new athletic centers create a healthy environment for people of all ages.  Forest Hills also offers great golfing and superb dining.  International businesses centered in Forest Hills and Grand Rapids, have produced some of the most philanthropic people in the world.  The new Medical Mile has placed us at the forefront of today’s healthcare.  It’s a GREAT place to be.  It’s a great place to learn, to grow, and to dream!